Interviews and Podcasts

Interview: “We have to learn about old age on the job”

Tara Bahrampour of the Washington Post spoke with with Nan about the origins of the book, and how we can all benefit from the stories of others as they age.

Interview: The Feisty Side of Fifty (20 minutes)

Nan was recently interviewed by Mary Eileen Williams on the “Feisty Side of Fifty” radio show. She spoke about the genesis of the anthology, some of the authors she worked with, the challenges we all face as we get older, and much more.

Interview: Elder Culture (90 minutes)

“Nan edited the recently released book Aging: An Apprenticeship. In our interview, she talks about the many challenges of producing this anthology, with over 50 authors— some very famous like Judy Blume, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gloria Steinem, and some not so much, like Lucky Goff (one of our hosts). She also talks about aging in general and comments on the benefits of later life.”